My clients come to therapy because they want to feel better emotionally, strengthen their family, and do better at work and in their community.

Ask yourself:
• Are negative emotions keeping you from responsibilities, enjoying family, friends, and pleasurable activities?
• Do you often feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or fearful?
• Are you acting in ways that leave you with regret, shame, fear or guilt?
• Are your key relationships with family, friends or at work at risk of being damaged?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, therapy might be something to consider.

What is Therapy

The various orientations of counselors and psychotherapists are diverse and there are numerous methods of treatment.

Many of these can be beneficial, while some are considered behaviorally questionable overall by the healthcare community.

Most mainstream counseling and psychotherapy will fall into one of several schools of thought that make attempts to provide a basis for human thinking and behavior, and offer insight into how this thinking and behavior can be dysfunctional.

This is known as the therapist or counselor’s “ORIENTATION”. The orientation I typically use on my website and in my practice is Cognitive-Behavioral, Object Relations and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I feel that these 3 orientations have worked well in the work that I have done with teens and their families and have adopted this work into my private practice.

The counselor or therapist will base their general thinking in this orientation; however, most will practice a form of “Eclectic Therapy”. This manner of counseling and therapy acknowledges the unique character of the client and/or situation and recognizes that individuals can benefit from a variety of approaches and techniques. This also allows the behavioral healthcare provider to custom tailor the methods used, and prevents clients from receiving a “cookbook” form of counseling and therapy that limits the outcome.

The counseling — psychotherapy process page offers a brief glimpse into what you can expect to happen during a session.