Azize Coskun, LMFT
Owner & Founder

Headshot Azize I am a licensed therapist in private practice treating individual adults, couples, families  and teens.

For over 16 years now I have been working with some of the most difficult and challenging aspects that adolescents and their families face in their lives. I have worked in:

  • Locked and unlocked settings
  • Public and private sectors including locked residential community treatment facilities (CTF),
  • Juvenile Hall
  • Multiple group home settings
  • Private practice offered
  • In-home counseling to Probation youth and their families

My background in law enforcement adds to my knowledge and expertise in Juvenile Justice issues (and your teen). In addition to my practice, I am also a sworn peace officer for Los Angeles County Probation Department. I work in a specialized unit called Functional Family Therapy.

I work with teenagers and their families who are  involved in the Juvenile Justice System. I specialize in adolescent psychotherapy and am well versed in the troubles and issues that families and teenagers who have been introduced into the Juvenile Justice system face.

My education includes a Masters of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University Northridge. My past experience includes providing psychotherapy to adult, teen, and child clients through agencies that I have worked at in the Southern California area.

Benefits of CounselingAlthough I am flexible in utilizing a method and psychotherapy approach that best suits my client the following modalities are areas that I specialize in.

I  use cognitive-behavioral therapy to offer specific skills for communication, self-awareness, and better access to your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. We collaborate together on helping you tolerate your feelings and understand the unconscious meanings behind your life choices. Our goal is to create balance in your life, and help you live the life you deserve–one filled with abundance, fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness.

Other methods I utilize are Object relations, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and Functional Family Therapy. I am a member of the California Association for Marriage Family Therapists and Psychology Today.  I also participate in ongoing intensive weekly training and consultation, and am committed to continually learning new ways of practicing psychotherapy.

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Karla Andrade, LMFT

Headshot KarlaLife is full of challenges and unprecedented events. How do you move forward after a traumatic event, loss, death, divorce, abuse, life changes. Therapy can help!
I work with individuals, children, adolescents and families to process and gain insight into how their thoughts and feelings are impacting their current behaviors. Help clients heal from past trauma and create a new story for themselves.
My goal as therapist is to provide a safe, non judge mental and supportive environment where the client will be heard. Clients will build self awareness and improve safe coping skills, increase self care to be able to manage life stressors and decrease symptoms.
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Fanta Ritchie, LMFT

Headshot FantaFeeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad, worried? Have you been through a traumatizing experience, relationship problems, or parenting struggles? I want you to know that you are not alone. Everyone goes through challenges in life but how we cope with our obstacles can predict future success or continued heartache. Although taking the first step towards therapy may be difficult, it can be the beginning of something beautiful. My goal is to work together to provide a safe, empathetic environment where my clients can freely express themselves without fear or judgment.
My passion is serving women, children, adolescents, couples, and families who have experienced trauma. I focus on strengthening relationships and empowering individuals to find their voice through increasing coping strategies with and eclectic approach to therapy. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in addition to mindfulness with a person centered approach.
I have a relatable approach and focus on building a strong rapport as I understand that a trusting relationship is key in any therapeutic environment. I have experience working with children, families, and adults from all different walks of life and am excited to be a part of yours!
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Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting - We're open! Come on in to visit.

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting – We’re open! Come on in to visit.